Hello again!

Have you ever feel betrayed? Don’t we ever feel like we’ve broken by the people that we care about the most?

It’s kind of those days when you feel down and hurted for me. And obviously by the one who I care about the most. It’s a friend of mine for 5 years. Still she’s not caring about me like I care about her… And every time (I really mean it, every single time) when I face the situation I feel the same amount of pain in my chest. As usual every time I don’t say a single word about it. I know that it seems so misery and so confusing story but if you ever felt like that in your life at least once, you know what I mean (right?)… I just wanted to share this like I’m writing in a diary perhaps without some details but you know it’d online and etc….

I get mad at myself why I let myself to feel in this way everytime. I would like to say I get mad at her but I can’t even… I’m just speechless after 5 years…