Hello to anyone in anywhere !

I am a person who cannot get out of the comfort zone. Which you can tell by the title. So I wanted to start a blog for sharing my life details and my struggles (which you’ll see in the future, hopefully). I always wanted to do this to keep my mind busy and also I like to share what’s going on about my life with the people. But as I grow up and things got complicated I decided to not share everything with everyone. But I just needed to talk. I believe that (in my life) I’m a good listener but I don’t want to talk as much I listen because I don’t wanna mess up things (does it sounds logical?). I don’t want to show my stupid and unlogical side to the people. Does it make sense? I hope it does. By the way, my language can be awful. If it seems like that then I’m sorry but English is not my native language. Also I gladly accept your recommendations on everything. Especially if you would like to correct my sentences and kind of those things it would be really helpful to me and I like to see your comments.

I would like to write a little bit more about what the blog is gonna be. I’m thinking of writing pretty much evey week (as possible as I can) so it’s gonna be like a diary about me but the author is gonna be my inner voice, mostly. Also I would love to share some of my art works (but I’m just an ameteur). Probably I should warn you about the fact that I might write about Adele A LOT and also I might write about series that I’ve watched as well.

Yeah… So that’s pretty much it of me for today. I hope you enjoy 🙂