Hello again!

Have you ever feel betrayed? Don’t we ever feel like we’ve broken by the people that we care about the most?

It’s kind of those days when you feel down and hurted for me. And obviously by the one who I care about the most. It’s a friend of mine for 5 years. Still she’s not caring about me like I care about her… And every time (I really mean it, every single time) when I face the situation I feel the same amount of pain in my chest. As usual every time I don’t say a single word about it. I know that it seems so misery and so confusing story but if you ever felt like that in your life at least once, you know what I mean (right?)… I just wanted to share this like I’m writing in a diary perhaps without some details but you know it’d online and etc….

I get mad at myself why I let myself to feel in this way everytime. I would like to say I get mad at her but I can’t even… I’m just speechless after 5 years…


Hello to anyone in anywhere !

I am a person who cannot get out of the comfort zone. Which you can tell by the title. So I wanted to start a blog for sharing my life details and my struggles (which you’ll see in the future, hopefully). I always wanted to do this to keep my mind busy and also I like to share what’s going on about my life with the people. But as I grow up and things got complicated I decided to not share everything with everyone. But I just needed to talk. I believe that (in my life) I’m a good listener but I don’t want to talk as much I listen because I don’t wanna mess up things (does it sounds logical?). I don’t want to show my stupid and unlogical side to the people. Does it make sense? I hope it does. By the way, my language can be awful. If it seems like that then I’m sorry but English is not my native language. Also I gladly accept your recommendations on everything. Especially if you would like to correct my sentences and kind of those things it would be really helpful to me and I like to see your comments.

I would like to write a little bit more about what the blog is gonna be. I’m thinking of writing pretty much evey week (as possible as I can) so it’s gonna be like a diary about me but the author is gonna be my inner voice, mostly. Also I would love to share some of my art works (but I’m just an ameteur). Probably I should warn you about the fact that I might write about Adele A LOT and also I might write about series that I’ve watched as well.

Yeah… So that’s pretty much it of me for today. I hope you enjoy 🙂